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William Curry is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Fourth Dynasty Enterprise, LLC. William is a dynamic and seasoned entrepreneur born and raised in the City of Detroit. William Graduated from Detroit Chadsey High School in 1992 where he excelled at academics as well as athletics. After spending a couple of years playing college basketball first in California, then in Kentucky, William decided to return back to Detroit to pursue his childhood dreams of owning and operating his own business.  In 1996 William co-founded his first business, a landscaping company; he would soon expand that business to include a moving and hauling operation.  This was only the beginning, William decided to break into the construction industry and in 1998 he co-founded Fourth Dynasty Construction Company. Fourth Dynasty quickly became one of the most reputable home improvement companies in the City of Detroit. William would take a lead role in developing the business into a dynamic company that would eventually become a major player in the housing rehabbing boom that took Detroit by storm between 2005 and 2008. This allowed Fourth Dynasty to expand into the real estate business. Today Fourth Dynasty boasts a global client list from all over the world. Fourth Dynasty assists investors with property acquisitions, renovations and property management. William would also find success in real estate investing by personally acquiring and renovating single and multi-family properties for re-sell and rent. William is an owner or partner in several businesses or ventures in the City of Detroit and is always looking for opportunities to expand into new businesses, partnerships and joint venture projects.

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